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new album: THIS DANCE

reviews: THIS DANCE

The album (This Dance) sounds wonderful. Beautiful vocal phrasing. And what a joyous selection of tunes! I'm very proud to know her.
--Professor Jay Hoggard, internationally acclaimed vibraphonist/composer

When Bobby Sweet and Lara Tupper team up, we’re talking musical heaven.
--Lisa Kristoff, Boothbay Register

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the CD! Thank you for making your beautiful music.
--Kimberly Flynn, Co-Curator, Concerts in the Park, Lenox, MA

You have such a beautiful voice and I love your selection of tunes (and, of course, your backup musicians). Brava! --Lisa Green, Editor, Rural Intelligence

Your voice is silky smooth. Lovely CD that will provide hours of enjoyment to so many.
--anonymous Berkshire music teacher

If it means anything, our cat Remy thinks your CD is wonderful - he gets all happy and relaxed...
--anonymous Berkshire music (and cat) lover

My self-titled EP, released November 26, 2012
Engineered by Bobby Sweet


"Lara Tupper is another of our region’s multi-talented individuals who is successfully living her passions."
--Rural We, Rural Intelligence (Berkshires)

“Lara Tupper's debut EP is a Local Music top seller.”
--Bull Moose Music (New England)

“There is a lot of subtlety in Lara Tupper’s performances. This is much more than a CD of good songs well sung and attentive listening will be rewarded.”
--Chris Brown, Founder - Bull Moose Music and Record Store Day

"Lara Tupper's voice captivated the audience at Gateways Inn."
--Lee Everett, Fine Line Multimedia