Lara Tupper


THIS Dance, Lara's first full-length album, a tribute to her favorite jazz and pop songs. Co-produced with Bobby Sweet.
debut Novel
harcourt/untreed reads
adaptation co-written with filmmaker Greg Eismin
new novel
a novel inspired by Paul Gauguin's messy marriage (Encircle)
“A one-of-a-kind book, fascinating and honest.”
--Joan Silber, National Book Award winner

OFF ISLAND (forthcoming, January 2020)

PUBLISHER'S MARKETPLACE ANNOUNCES: Lara Tupper's OFF ISLAND, in which the author imagines Paul Gauguin traveled to Maine to paint and juxtaposes his relationship with his wife Mette with that of a contemporary couple in Maine 100 years after Gauguin's death. (Encircle)

How to get off island.
Advance praise for OFF ISLAND:

Lara Tupper's OFF ISLAND is a beautiful accomplishment, unlike any other work of fiction I can recall. The two narratives intertwine in such a way as to both demystify historical celebrity and elevate contemporary plainfolk. The prose is seductive and elegant, the story smart, enlightening, and oh so satisfying.
- Antonya Nelson, BOUND, FUNNY ONCE

Colorful and wild, dynamic and moving, lusty and hungry and strange, OFF ISLAND is everything we love about Paul Gauguin and everything a novel should be. - Daniel Handler (AKA Lemony Snicket), ADVERBS, WHY WE BROKE UP

"Pure color! Everything must be sacrificed to it," said Gauguin. OFF ISLAND presents two parallel stories about artists who cheat. Pete and Molly describe their daily lives in contemporary coastal Maine; Paul and Mette describe their marriage in 1903.