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 story collection:


"Lara Tupper's OFF ISLAND is a beautiful accomplishment, unlike any other work of fiction I can recall." - Antonya Nelson


"Maine writer Lara Tupper has written a luminous novel, OFF ISLAND, about Gauguin, his (imagined) life and legacy. From music to writing to (writing about) art, Lara Tupper has a unique take on the world. Take a look yourself! – Christina Baker Kline


"Dense with beautiful coastal imagery and thoughtful in its consideration of ill-suited connections...OFF ISLAND...is a novel to savor." - Karen Rigby, FOREWORD REVIEWS


"Masterful and matter-of-fact, Tupper adeptly blends art, character study, and mystery in this compact, elliptical novel." – Peter Turchi


"Lara Tupper's prose shines with the same vibrancy of color that captivated her protagonist [Paul Gauguin]....An elegant investigation of family and art as conflicting forces...an awe-inspiring portrait that readers will be reluctant to leave." - Sara McCrea, YOU JUST HAVE TO READ THIS

"Wonderful and incisive, A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS [is]... a witty, poignant, wholly worthwhile read."— Elizabeth Strout


"Both an off-kilter take on the conventional coming-of-age tale and a sly commentary on the underbelly of celebrity culture, this truly original book is basically uncategorizable—blissfully so." - Elle.com


"This is a moving and accomplished first novel." - Jim Shepard


"A one-of-a-kind book, fascinating and honest." — Joan Silber


"Shrewdly observed." - The Boston Globe


"Add [this] title to your must-read list." -The Sacramento Bee