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workshops and manuscript development

Photo by Lynnette Lucy Najimy

Free 2024 Workshops (in person, Western Massachusetts)


Thanks to generous grants from Local Cultural Councils in Berkshire and Hampshire Counties and the Mass Cultural Council, I'll present 19 FREE workshops in 2024. Pre-registeration required; space is limited. Please see descriptions below for details.

Fall 2024 Workshops (online)

Zoom face on!

Fall Workshop Series (online)

Private Book Coach/Manuscript Guidance

Need a coach? I'm taking new clients in need of manuscript development and/or editing services (fiction or nonfiction, long or short). I also work with writers to complete their projects by meeting with them monthly. See the CONTACT page and send me an email to chat about this.


Working with Lara Tupper for private manuscript guidance on my novel felt like a dream-come-true. Not only was it a joy to connect with her, but she was able to home in on exactly what my manuscript needed. Even though I have experience as an editor, showing someone else my work for the first time is extremely difficult for me. My sensitive-artist soul appreciated Lara's perfect blend of compassionate encouragement and insightful, critical feedback.


Almost every single one of Lara's comments resonated with me ‒ they gave me the direction and the confidence I needed to springboard me into this revision process. Now, after completing the rewrite, I can see how she helped tighten the manuscript to bring out the best it could be.


I highly recommend Lara Tupper's manuscript guidance service and look forward to using it again on my next book!


-- Ali Keehn, Former Assistant Editor at Philomel Books, (div. of Penguin Putnam, Inc.), and Former U.S. Editor at Barefoot Books 



"Lara is a dedicated, talented teacher and writer. She brings her heart, creativity and professionalism to her work, helping people to learn, grow and explore in a wonderful way." - Robert Mulhall, CEO, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health



"Lara Tupper is one of a kind. Her gift is her poise-- her calm, nurturing presence. She helps us slow down, breathe and focus. And she's a whiz on virtual platforms; during our 'new abnormal,' that's worth its weight in gold." - Amanda Merk, Library Director, Chatham Library, Chatham, NY



"Our organization hired Lara Tupper to guide a group for a Journal Writing for Wellness seminar. Lara was excellent! She led the group in a safe, supportive way, and taught us how to uncover gratitude in our lives. She was professional, easy to understand, and was extremely knowledgeable. I found the seminar incredibly helpful, and I'm looking forward to having her come back for another session in our community. THANK YOU, Lara!" - Joanna Geiger, Marketing Manager at Salisbury Visiting Nurse Association


"The practice of journaling is an important practice at any time, but especially during this time of uncertainty. We engaged Lara to educate our team on journaling for wellness. After the session, I received messages of positive feedback thanking me for arranging the session. I encourage you to have Lara join one your team meetings...happier colleagues makes for a better workplace!"- Bridget McGregor, CPA, Senior Vice President Accounting at GID Investment Advisers LLC


"Lara brings skill, knowledge and humor to her writing classes. She makes participants feel welcome and leads experiences that help people find new perspective. Always quick with a smile, Lara is reliable, experienced and a delight to be around." - Ellen Rose Cunningham, Senior Workshop Programmer, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health







Photo by Lynnette Lucy Najimy

Past Events (selected)

The view from Herman Melville's study.
Hot Plate Brewery, Pittsfield, MA: Proustian Literary Reading

Why and How I Teach

As a creative writing adjunct professor at Rutgers University (2002-2010), I taught fiction and nonfiction courses to students with rich stories to tell. For the past eleven years, I've served as writing faculty for Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and the Berkshire Festival of Women Writers.

In addition to traditional writing workshops in fiction and non-fiction (in which members read one another's writing over the course of several meetings), I offer non-traditional classes (day, weekend or week-long), both online and in person. Please see "Past Events" for details. I believe in creating a safe, supportive environment in which writers can feel free to be messy and bold. I believe in honest kindness and kind honesty. I like to make jokes. I can't promise they'll be funny. I'll never force you to share words that need to remain private. I consider it my privilege to hold space for your creative efforts.

For more information, please get in touch via the CONTACT page.

Kind endorsements from class participants:


"Lara is tough but tender."


"This instructor is kick-a$$. Love her!"


"Lara is a very focused and compassionate teacher."


"She rocked the house! It was perfect. I just want to see her sing!"


"I like that you're in the world, Lara Tupper."


"Lara is a world class writer and teacher."


[Lara] is an inspirational presenter."

"I recently took your class, The Traveling Mindset, which was terrific! Your workshop offered me permission to write. Thank you for your kind guidance." -Amy, Kripalu Center

"Your workshop has helped me stay connected to myself—I’m now writing every day. I think I can speak for all of us [in class] when I say you are a great mentor. Thank you for your kindness and care." –Elaine, Kripalu Center

"I had a breakthrough, thanks to you-- I truly enjoyed your weekend workshop. It was calming, centering, inspiring and affirming. It was exactly what I needed." - Kathleen, Genesis Center

"Thank you again for your wonderful and evocative workshop on Gratitude Journaling. The freedom and trust with which people wrote and shared their work is a testament to the safe atmosphere that you created." -Gloria, Kripalu Center

"Thanks for a great class - it was one of the highlights of the weekend for me. What made it nice was the gentle community building, the short and easy 'go-around-the- room' at the start, and brief, meditative centering." -David, Kripalu Center

"Thank you for the workshops you offered today. I appreciate you bringing your gift to others and I resonate with the energy you share in your teaching. Best to you!" - Janel, Kripalu Center

"Everyone was singing your praises! You had a great crowd. You have such a lovely down to earth sincere presence and open manner, it was a pleasure to meet you in person and to be a part of your workshop."

"We loved the collage workshop - in fact, [my wife] has done it a number of times since then with close friends and her sister. Breakthrough stuff. Thanks for opening that door for her!" - Ned Leavitt, founder, The Ned Leavitt Literary Agency

"See what R and R at Kripalu and one hour with you can do? Thanks, Lara, for initiating this first of many writing journeys that will find their way to the world of readers." - Bill, Kripalu Center

“Lara Tupper is a teacher with the ability to bring forth the very best in her students. In only a two hour session at Kripalu, Lara turned a room full of people (about 72) into confident writers – pros and novices alike. We wrote from the heart, soul and depth of past and present feelings. The sharing of our stories made all of us believe in our own creativity, abilities and in ourselves.” - Berkshire Festival of Women Writers representative Lorrin Krouss

"The writing class was my favorite. She is amazing!"

"Ms. Tupper, who presented the writing workshop on New Year's Eve, ran a fantastic session and stimulated an urge to write fiction that I'm very excited about."

More Past Workshops (some favorites)

From the archive: writing stuff

My proud Nana in white (right, background).
With Mom in Maine.