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Photo by Bobby Sweet




Lara Tupper is the author of three books: Amphibians, a short story collection (Leapfrog Global Fiction Award winner; Leapfrog Press, 2021), Off Island, a fictional re-imagining of Paul Gauguin's travels (finalist, Housatonic Book Award; Encircle, 2020) and A Thousand and One Nights (Harcourt and Untreed Reads, 2015), an autobiographical novel about singers at sea. With filmmaker Greg Eismin she co-wrote the screenplay adaptation for A Thousand and One Nights. Her recent fiction was a finalist for the Nicholas Schaffner Award for Music In Literature, the UNO Press Publishing Lab and the Orison Books Fiction Prize. A graduate of the MFA Program for Writers at Warren Wilson College, she taught at Rutgers University for many years and now presents writing workshops via Swift Ink Stories, a platform for creative expression. She is also a jazz/folk singer who has traveled the world; her latest album is This Dance. 



Lara, from Maine, is a strong swimmer. Her parents loved Doctor Zhivago. As an only child, she spent many hours listening to A Chorus Line on vinyl. (She still likes to do this.) She has worked as a clambake waitress, a cruise ship entertainer, an academic, a yogi, a back-up singer, an editor and a music booker. She is a member of the Authors Guild, Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance, LFL (Little Free Librarians) and the BMIFC (Barry Manilow International Fan Club). She has had the good fortune to live in New York City, London, Abu Dhabi, Shanghai, Dubai, Otaru, Hua Hin, the Berkshires and Boothbay. She feels most at home by the sea. She is married to singer-songwriter Bobby Sweet and cares for six adorable hens.

From my first "book," The Dolphin (1983)