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September list: a writing prompt


A prompt for September:


I love a good list. What comes to mind when you think of "fall"? Include smells, sights, sounds, sensations. Start with bullet points and see where it goes. (Maybe you'll be inspired to write a paragraph or two.) Spend five minutes at least. (If it turns into 10 or 20, so be it.) Share your creation with someone or keep it for yourself.


Here's mine.


1)   No mosquitos

2)   Cold feet

3)   Apples everywhere

4)   Buy the honey for Rosh Hashana

5)   Pumpkin spice galore

6)   The way the light seems sad

7)   New pencils

8)   Anticipation

9)   The perfect red maple leaf on the ground

10)  Finding that curled leaf in my pocket later



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