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A Thousand and One Nights in hardcover!


Publishing is funny. My debut novel, A THOUSAND AND ONE NIGHTS, about lounge singers and travel and strange hotels, came out in 2007 as a "paperback original" from Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. I was teaching full time at Rutgers, living in the Lower East Side and just beginning to miss woodsy places. In 2015, Untreed Reads picked it up as an ebook and reprinted it as a paperback soon after. (I was a committed Berkshire-ite by then.) Yesterday I received my first hardcover copies in the mail and shared the news with my chickens. Glad for this book's long, strange trip from paper to digital to paper to hardback. And happy it's found readers, whatever form it's in. Thanks, Untreed!

You can purchase a fancy new hardcover HERE.