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Private Manuscript Guidance

Patrick Tomasso


I was delighted to receive this testimonial from a recent client. (Who wrote a wonderful book!) If you'd like to collaborate, I'm taking new clients for private manuscript guidance this fall. Just reach out via the contact page.


"Working with Lara Tupper for private manuscript guidance on my novel felt like a dream-come-true. Not only was it a joy to connect with her, but she was able to home in on exactly what my manuscript needed. Even though I have experience as an editor, showing someone else my work for the first time is extremely difficult for me. My sensitive-artist soul appreciated Lara's perfect blend of compassionate encouragement and insightful, critical feedback.


Almost every single one of Lara's comments resonated with me ‒ they gave me the direction and the confidence I needed to springboard me into this revision process. Now, after completing the rewrite, I can see how she helped tighten the manuscript to bring out the best it could be.


I highly recommend Lara Tupper's manuscript guidance service and look forward to using it again on my next book!"


-- Ali Keehn, Former Assistant Editor at Philomel Books, (div. of Penguin Putnam, Inc.), and Former U.S. Editor at Barefoot Books