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Maine Character Energy: a charity anthology


I'm honored to be part of this charity anthology, MAINE CHARACTER ENERGY, now available for preorder and out Jan. 17 from Rogue Owl Press. Our goal is to sell 3000 copies! "MAINE CHARACTER ENERGY is a charity collection of 11 written works that celebrate Maine's small towns, rugged wilderness, rocky coasts, and the everyday characters that make the Pine Tree State special. All proceeds from the collection will be donated to Everytown for Gun Safety in honor of the victims, survivors, and families of the Lewiston-Auburn mass shooting that took place on October 25, 2023. We are authors who hold Maine close to our hearts and want to help the best way that we can."


Edited by Sarah Parke. The authors include: Shannon Bowring, Paul Carro, Charlotte Crowder, Cynthia Graae, Karen Menzel (nee Bovenmyer), Mary E. Plouffe, Bruce Pratt, Sidney Woods aka sid sibo, Michelle Soucy, Clif Travers, and Lara Tupper. Cover design by Em J. Knowles.


Ordering directly from Rogue Owl Press ensures that more funds go to charity. Thank you for supporting this cause!