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Amphibians is an audiobook!


Gorgeously narrated by Xe Sands and produced by Tantor Audio. Listen to an excerpt HERE.

AMPHIBIANS now available for preorder in UK

Thank you Waterstones and Can of Worms, my UK publisher.



Q & A with Deborah Kalb


It was a pleasure to answer questions from Deborah Kalb about my forthcoming story collection, AMPHIBIANS. Plus lakes, travel, bodies, titles and why I so admire Ramona Ausubel.



I've been Swifted!


Here's my book cover (AMPHIBIANS, forthcoming), reimagined as a Taylor Swift outfit, courtesy of @taylor_swift_as_books on Instagram.

Sneak Peek


Excerpt from "Amphibians," the title story from my forthcoming collection (March 2021).